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Media Baaaad
The Entertainment industry

Quoting from a song,
what ever happened to SEX, DRUGS and ROCK and ROLL? now, we just have AIDS, CRACK and TECHNO
Its actually true, the once innocent world is now filled with all the disappointment God could ever come across. In my opinion, theres only one source for this damnation, destruction, and death. Yes, media. Bad media is everywhere, its in everyrthing we do. Ever tried googling or youtube-searching "banned commercials?" Damn, yes they are entertaining, coming from the very few media geniuses all around the globe. But these are the few that aren't shown to public tv. But what about all the drugs and sex we come across in everyday tv/internet viewing.

Parental Guidance is ADVISED
A motion picture rating system is designated to classify films with regard to suitability for audiences in terms of issues such as sex, violence, substance abuse, profanity, impudence or other types of mature content. A particular issued rating is called a certification.

SERIOUSLY? that "motion picture rating system" is bull. So you expect that 2 second appearance before the show would make a difference with a 10 year old watching teenagers making out and groping each other on live television, yes just like in gossipgirl. ahahah. And now your asking where all the teenage pregnancies come from? And you blame parents for it? Damn, even OPRAH's producers are blind sided by it. Why? Obviously, cause theyre in the same industry.

If only media were a bit more responsible about what they air, maybe, JUST MAYBE the world would be a much better place, morality wise. Though media's made our lives easier, and one hell of a lifetime to live in, it has its own ups and downs, maybe its just because i havent had enough sleep for a couple of days now, and for the days to come (its 2am and its UAAP CHEERCOMP in a few hours:| ) might just be a perfect ending to me sleepless week. Cant wait to get out of college, and start making those kick-ass ads, directing music videos and graphic movies, damn. MEDIA beware, the man who's about to revolutionize this industry is just around the corner from graduation, so yes, really do watch out.


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