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The only corporations that could possibly compete with business and banking firms all through out the world, are entertainment corporations. Yes, its a fact. What could possibly make more money than those selling, no one else, the one making people buy. It goes hand in hand with the worldwide moneymaking business. And yes, this is definitely the reason why i am a COMTECH major. Ive been wanting to work in the media industry, ever since i've laid hands on photoshop, and other graphic design software. Conceptualizing is half of my life, and putting it to design, is the other.

Yes, media is rich. No we dont make them, they force us to. In the film that we watched, it was shown how media feeded off the unlimited wants of teenagers, and in return, gave them a higher dose of what the teens were actually capable off. Or put it this way, MEDIA FINDS OUT WHAT WE WANT, THEN EXPOSES IT IN MARKET in ways we would only experience in our wildest dreams. Partying becomes a fad, then media copies it, then amplifies it a thousand times better, than brings it back to us, wanting to be more, wanting to be how the media depicts it, and with that, we buy into the things they show us, the way to experience it. Media is a money hungry industry which lives on the pockets of teenagers, with the only thing being given back is the status of being COOL.

What if the teens cant be like how media shows it. Its easy, teens come up with another cool thing, and when media finds out, boom. Same thing all over again. COOL is one of the deadliest four letter words, next to DEATH, lol ahahaha. Media communicates the standards that every teen should meet in order to be cool, and COOLER than your friends. They have the power over everyone, just one kick ass ad, then sales are again off the charts. In this growing technological empire, the media will never run out of customers, and those willing to die for, just to be on top. Their power to communicate to the world, in extends no other can par up with, just feeds their domination to a world wide hysteria every teenager would love to be part of; COOL.


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