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Hello 2007!
Holy Crap.

Actually i didn't go to the first day of my COMM class, and had no idea whatsoever i had to accomplish for the next meeting, so yeah, this blog entry is courtesy of my loving blockmates who told me about this blogging thing. 

First of all, THANK GOD for COM11. If it wasn't for this subject, i would never have remembered this long lost blog-site i used to have. FFS(sorry for the language -.- ) ITS ALMOST 3 YEARS OLD! Thank God i still got to remember my password(not that i have the same passwords for all my web accounts -thats soo immature- IM JUST SAYING) even if it has been forever @_@

Looking back, and reading my previous posts from Second[?] year high school, made me realize that no matter how mature and independent i felt back then, makes me just think of how much of a fool i was back then( i guess its normal for everyone right?:| ) All i ranted about back then was about fuckin(sorry again) GIRLS. JESUS CHRIRST, i didnt expect all those donuts that my mom fed be back when i was a child would matter that much with regards to my insecurities with myself back then@_@ GIRLS? WTF, BLOGGING ABOUT GIRLS?! WHAT THE *tooot* (hahaha) was wrong with my brain back then. AND NOW IN COLLEGE, THEY'RE NOT EVEN AT THE SLIGHTESTBITOFMYPROBLEMSJESUSCHRIST:| 

-Well actually i'd like to thank all of those girls who turned me down back then in high school because of my physical appearance. Haven't you ever heard of "FAT BOYS ARE CUTE"? Lol, JK. fine maybe some are. hahahahah. WELL THANKS TO YOU, I AM INLOVE WITH MYSELF. NOW THAT IM IN COLLEGE, IM AT THE BEST PHYSIQUE I CAN EVER BE *evil laugh* (well of course im not stopping my workouts anytime soon -theHULKwatchoutHEEHEE- im just saying.)             *please allow me to be bitter just for a paragraph*  ALL OF YOU GIRLS CAN KISS MY ARSE, I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY BEING STUCK WITH YOUR UGLAY BOYFRIENDSSSSSSSS *evil laugh again* 

Anyway, my entry isn't about those girls anymore lol. Well as i was saying, reading back made me realize how immature i was back then. Feeling down and shitty(oops) for all the wrong reasons, and now, all the problems i'm going through were actually stuff that i never imagined would've come. From girl problems, i am actually on the verge of leaving THE ATENEO for good, and not even the closest of my friends know about it. Maybe the time would just come and they'll realize that im gone T_T boohoo. Anyway, up to now, my moms still doing all that is earthly possible to be able to pay for my tuition this semester. WHOEVER KNEW THAT THIS GLOBALFUCKINRECESSION would affect us this much. Back then, if you read my blog thoroughly, you'd see the JAL that didnt give shit about family expenses whatsoever, just the COGNO rich kid who worried about girls. And now, that JAL, despite the happy facade you see everyday, is suffering from insomnia. Staring at the ceiling every night, trying to figure out what job i could possibly get into just to be able to finish my studies and be able to help my mom. FUCKGLOBALRECESSION(sorry:|) 

So yeah, despite the financial hellhole im in, im still thankful that i still could get up everyday and put that pokerface on,  go through life, and let people see through me. i JUST PRAY TO GOD this so called "challenge" in my life wouldnt go any longer. I need my sleep.

"permanent jet lag, please take me back " -falloutboy


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