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Summer. Back in business :>
Sooo :)) Its summer, and its boring. Tomic, thanks for updating your LJ, if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt have the slightest idea to update mine as well.. :))

Lotsa things happened since my last post, and i wanna break it down and all fer you guys :)) YOU'RE LUCKY if you get to be mentioned ya know :> hahaha.

MC prom :|
I was supposed to go.. :| but nooo, i was grounded. Fucking Jan 4 :| ill never forget that night :|
Well actually my mom made me choose between this and blablabla :))

Pov prom :-"
Well, yeah it was okay :)) i had fun, met new and old friends :)) thanks Mariah for inviting me :D haha.
Wherever you are, i hope your doin great :D haha.

Valentines Day :>
wait. ano nga ba ginawa ko nung valentines.. ahh :)) i had plans, but none of em pushed through.. haha. oh well.. next year..
texted people, haha.. some of them even SAVED my valentine messages.. haha ;) ya know who you are :))

Ateneo prom :D
This was the sex :)) never expected the covered courts to be like that, haha. Well actually i did, since i was part of Logistics and all :>
haha, well we really didnt do anything for the prom, ACTUALLY, WE DID STUFF FOR SOMETHING ELSE.. diba CITO? KYLE L.? ;) hahaha!
Jayne, thanks for being my promdate :) I had a great time.
Afterparty in Chiyo's house. Si ... :))))) daymmmm =)) gets nyo na yun :))

Ano ba. i almost forgot :)) hahaha.. what a way to end the SY. hahah sobrang, whoa.. haha grabe
NIKE, sino nga pala ulit ung pinakamagaling nung auditions? :)) =))

St.Paul prom / Jayne's Bday celeb :-?
Di ako nakapunta sa prom yo :| MONETTE :| sorry talaga :| okay lang, you had fun naman nung EXPULSION eh diba? :>
Jayne, haha, thanks again :)) even if it was my second time to watch jumper :)) haha!

St.Scho Manila Prom
Oops... haha, i totally forgot, binalikan ko na lang tong part na to. :)) sorry :))
haha it was fun, even though we sat down the whole night.. :)) pwede na..haha
Jayne, thanks for the invite :D

03.15.08 EXPULSION
I'll never forget this night. hahah. It was definately the best party of the summer :> THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WENT YO! =))
Cito•Arce•Nike•Laigo•Tomic•Dario•Luigi my co-organizers :)) thanks guys.. it was all worth it naman diba? :> haha
watch out for our next yo :))

Baguio 24-27
Luigi! AY BAYBAY! :)) haha thanks bro.. i had a great time. super..
Chiyo thanks sa ride :)) wag mo nako ibababa next time ha? :)) =))
Trisha:>:)) sorry kahit korny mga jokes namin ha? =))
CitoChiyoArceJongkoDaleMikeyNikeDarioJarvieMANGFREDLuigi you guys are the best ;)
THANKS TO REICH ISA and TIN for flooding my multiply album :)) =)) next time ulit ha? :)))

It was today.
Hahaha! kahit nakakahiya and all :)) okay lang! it was fun :)) thanks Roby for the ride :)) montik pako maiwan kala ko Mcdo meeting place :)) haha. Thanks INDAK people :) isa pa! next time ulit! :)) hahaha! at least i felt how backflips were done diba? :))
ROBY, siraulo ka, ang sakit ng sipa mo sa jaw ko. :)) hanggang ngayon masakit yo :| :))))))


How am i "doing"? you ask? Well, im kinda happy now.. unlike in my last post :)) haha.. but sometimes, i remember those times and i stop and think, i was never really over it. Yup, its still...

So thats kinda it.. haha, i know its kinda long, you dont have to tell me :| haha. Oh yeah, our HK trip was cancelled :| so yeah, but its okay. i wont be missing training and all. But i really hope i could go with my family to bora, i really hope i could fix my sched :| Well, up to now, im still really overwhelmed.. INDAK nako? :)) =)) OMG :)) haha. well i really have to keep up since everyone else in the team is reaaaaaaally good :| i want to continue goin to the gym this summer.. i hope i could find time to squeeze it in with my schedule.. well, at least my summer wouldnt be that boring diba? :D So, byebye again LJ world, haha. Pray that i get bored again so id update:)) haha see you around people :))

-Jal [E09]




Yeah, i thought too..


err, enought stories first. haha. its my turn to  post something that really matters.. haha.

Its almost new yea,r and finally telling a girl you like her, would be the best ending to your year.

Have you ever liked someone, but wasnt sure if you had the slightest of chances to be more than friends? I know. Sucks diba? haha. And finally, before the year is over you gather up all your courage and tell that someone that you like him/her and the reaction given back to you is like a big ?.        rawr. haha
its kinda hard to be a good friend at the same time a " you know " listening to all those stories that make you feel that youd never have a chance or whatever, haha. i hope you get my point :)) I really dont know if doing that proves you've got balls or whatever you wanna call it, haha.  I guess its the timing rin eh,  ive been asking around and im like, "pare when dyou know the time is right?" and sagot nila, malalaman mo un, it will come to you like sunburn in summer, Di mo alam, mararamdaman mo nalang bigla na mahapdi na. hahaha. parang ganun. Well, its kinda malabo blaah. ahaha. kfine. labo. wala lang. It kinda sucks lalo na when your thingking on asking her to prom, haha. from "ang labo nya" your now down to "i have no idea" with the person. :)) oh well.

Pero diba, if not then, when? haha. Lesson learned, err.. actually walang lesson dun, haha. Pero sabi nga nila diba, "Walang mangyayari" and the famous "Wala namang mawawala sayo" haha. Its kinda true you know, but on the other hand it makes you want to bang your head against the wall while saying "wrong move you fucker, wrong move!" ahaha. Wala lang, if ever someone is reading this, malamang youd have one of the two reactions, "Onga tama si Jal." or "haha tanga." oh well, at least ive said my piece and its a really good feeling to have that off my chest. haha. Only time will tell.. so long LJ world. =D

HAPPY NEW YEAR :) ( for most of you at least :)) :-" :> )

:) :| :(
The past entry kinda sucked, ang hirap intindihin, oh well.. and lotsa things happened and...rawr.

Part 2.0

Finally, Neils out of the picture, its just Heather and Kevin [ i think ]. Its just kinda obvious that Heather still likes Neil, even if things are close to "over" with them. So, everytime Heather shares stories with Kevin about Neil, Kevin just acts as if hes not affected or whatever, but deep inside, we all know that every question Heather throws at kevin which is about neil is a big OUCH to him. Neil, you lucky bastard, what in the world did you do to make Heather like you that much? On the other hand, Kevins still giving his best to be a good friend to both Neil and Heather without making anything obvious. Too bad for Kevin, Heather only seems to like him nothing more than a friend.

You dumbfuck, whyd you let her go? haha.
Way to go kevin, dont lose hope :)
uh.. :))

This is the story of a girl.
Last night after i got home from skech , i was sooo bored that i decided to start my own LJ... so as my first entry imma share a story serge and i made up last thursday during religion and math. :| :))

    This is the story of a girl, Who cried a river and drowned the whole world And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her, When she smiles...

    Theres Heather, Neil, and Kevin. (sorry serge, had to change the name.haha) It goes like this..

    Popular, Cool, Pretty, Nice, HOT, everything your not. [ ? ]

    Handsome, Cool, A really good friend, still has a hangover from his last commitment [ ? ], trying to find the perfect someone.

    Cute, Kind, Sincere,a Jerk [ ? ],
still has a hangover from his last commitment [ ? ], trying to find the perfect someone.

Part 1.0

    N and K are good friends, and they both met this girl, H. Out of the blue, the both of them suddenly fall[ ? ] for H. K knows that N
likes H, but what N doesnt know, that his friend K likes H too. So everything goes well until news spreads and H finds out that K and N likes her. So heather being herself, lets both guys know that she likes both of them back by not directly telling them. K and N become really happy because they now know that they both have a chance.

Fishin or Playin? Fishin :-> Playin :-| Couldnt really tell :-"
The "Story" ends here for now.. gtg. :)


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