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Even great things come to an end.
 The male gaze, for example; Has been around ever since the realization of the power of the females on men has been idealized, which probably dates back to the start of the entertainment industry. One of the many media concepts that have been unfold before our eyes, but failed to understand its sole substance. Some may say, that its unnecessary to take up and discover where it all starts, but our COM11 course gave us all the reasons to stay, and understand deeper why these things come to be.

Being COMTECH majors, I believe that the Communication Theories course is essential for whatever we choose to take up in the future, be it IT, Management, or Comm. The media together with the business industry, is close to an unstoppable combination. Where here even in the Philippines, the super corporation Meralco is owned by the same person who owns ABS CBN and other big time businesses. Only God knows how much the corporation earns, and thankfully they evening it out with their own charities.

As I said in my previous blogs, my dream job, is basically have my own desk, with an iMac, a Macbook, and a dual QuadCore, and a lazyboy to go with it. From there, the greatest graphic creations the media industry would ever see, will be born. Well, of course that’s on days that im not out busy directing music videos, commercials and mini movies of my own. Hopefully the media industry would be kind enough to let me be a producer myself. Well then, if all else fails, id have my business degree, waiting to back me up, so that I could work for a firm, earn money, then continue my dream of producing anything under the media sun. I may not be a basketball star, or the next suma cum laude watchamacallit, but what I have to offer in the entertainment business, is way bigger than what we see on our tv screens now.

While watching tv ads, and other video edits on screen, I could possibly tell you the effects they use, the software used to render, and possibly even the clips size and framerate. Yes, I am the next marketing wiz, and corporations would be on their knees just to get me to work for them. Well, after all its not all that bad to have dreams right? Everyone does, its just that mines gonna come true, a little bit sooner 

PS. All the blogs that I created might not be that worthy of B pluses and A’s, but all I know that everything that ive been writing on this site, is definitely from the heart.

PPS. Thanks for the great sem sir Flores


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