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Eeverybody loves them.
 The Simpsons

One of my all time favorite shows is the Simpsons. Hands down to the comic relief it provides to viewers of all ages. I remember watching the simpsons with my ninang, when i was like 7 years old, and yes, even then i enjoyed it. But ever since it, it always comes to me how people of all ages enjoy the show. Well, definitely its comic lines, and double meaning jokes, would definitely hook even older viewers.


In other words it is a confrontation and/or opposition to existing status quo and its legitimacy in politics, but can also be observed in various other spheres of life, such as history, media, music, etc.

, the supposedly man of the house, is a jobless bum, who instead of being the backbone of the family, rather gives even more weight, to break it. The natural conception of a man of the house, is a strong, dependable, and powerful character, both literal and symbolical. His image in the show, portraying man as a stupid and inept individual.

, the "man" of the house, having control over the family, supposedly to be the one, under the mans control in real life, takes charge of the family. Making decisions, and even the one putting sense into her husband. The norm of a housewife, following whatever her spouse says, is completely abolished with her character.

Lisa, the supposedly carefree child, knowing nothing about the world, is a matter of fact, the one almost completely sane in the show.

Bart, everything that is deviant. the resistance to authority, both in and out of the family. Justice, education, and parental authority. The supposedly disciplined responsible older brother of his family, represents everything that could go wrong with youth.

Who woul'dve known that the show everyone loved since forever, manifested counter hegemony all the while.
Definitely media has its ways of turning things inside out, without its viewers even knowing it.

In a world of twisted norms, where deviance doesnt necessarily mean the negative. It is up to every individual to go out and superceed what is natural, and maybe be lucky enough to discover someting that could change people perspective of the world. And hopefully through the help of media, we could maximize its potential for a better well rounded society for our children to grow up in.


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