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Media on the good side.

Media's ticket to heaven

Come to think of it, media still may have a possible spot in heaven. Despite all the violence and sex it sells everywhere. Namely print ads, the internet, and on TV. Specifically, on tv, out of almost a hundred channels available via cable, there are still around 10 channels that provide healthy and bountiful results. Im sure that the first thing you thought of was either Discovery Channel or National geographic. Despite the side-ads they show on airtime, the portion that viewers benefit from are still around 90% of viewing time. Compared to mtv which sadly, is a hundred percent, sex. Even Miley Cyrus, from "The Best of Both Worlds" is now, saved on everyones computer, in her "Party In The USA" music video, with her boobs almost popping out from her skin tight outfit. I guess its a trendy with Disney child stars. *AHEM* Vanessa Hudgens. Anyway, back to topic, its just sad to see, that channels like Discovery and NG aren't that noticed, specially by kids. 


I have a 6 year old cousin, Reese, who has ADHD
(Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neuro-behavioral developmental disorder. It is primarily characterized by "the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone" and symptoms starting before seven years of age) -wiki.orgAbout a year ago, i went with his dad to therapy, and watched how they gave him activities, to work out his ADHD. While at it, the therapist made him watch, a cartoon, which wasnt like the normal cartoons you see on Disney, it was more of a slow paced animation which had around 10-second frame changes. According to the doctor, the reason for it was that, even the seemingly harmless and fun cartoons on tv, has the slightest on impacts on children, specially ones with ADHD. The quick frame changes, and the very lively colors swapping frames from time to time, contributes to the nuerological excitement of kids.

So yeah, i just wish that worldwide media, despite the corruption of the youths minds, would find ways to promote other channels, that would hopefully benefit the youth even in the slightest of ways, and hopefully,  would find its ticket back to heaven; Just like in the good old days.


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