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This years Battalion jacket was designed by no other, yes me. Hahah, as you know, graphic design is kinda my thing, and thankfully i was granted the opportunity to make this year's Von Dutch - Ateneo Battalion jacket. Mmm sounds like resume content to me! hahah. So anyway, i tried to go for a much simpler design, with not too fancy lines and such, just the simple stripe on the arms and in the middle, but even though it was already as simple as it is, i had to do various drafts of it, before it was finally approved. The College Athletics Office(CAO) had too many guidelines for me to follow with making the jacket, specifically its color, the ateneo logo, and the placing of the Ateneo name. I wondered why i just couldnt put the Battalion logo and a big ateneo and other fancy logos to make it look like those bad ass bike-jackets, but apparently i had to follow the schools colors and logos. This is where this weeks lesson kicks in, symbolism in organization. I had to carefully follow the School colors, strictly BLUE AND WHITE. How boring is that? hahaha, but thats what i had to do, those colors goo way back in the history books, i wouldnt want to argue and bring up another color anymore. So yes, i did stick to blue and white, and the old school ateneo logo(nope not the SESQUI one anymore)

Putting on the jacket, before every game made us feel special. We felt like going into war, putting on our armor, an armor distinguishable from all the other soldiers' ; an armor of a LEADER. Standing out through the crowd, the 16 of us lead the Ateneo into battle, uplifting the 5 players spirit on court, through cheers of millions in the stands. There were times, where leading the crowd made us tired and weary of the continuous routine, downgrading our performance, and just doing what we do, for the sake of it. But it was last years captain Matt Quiros, who reminded us what we were doing. In the last Ateneo-Lasalle game, he made us realize what the jackets we wore were all about. It was neever about us being special, and leading thousands, it was about TRADITION. Putting on the jacket made us part of a bigger picture, going way back. Team Ateneo always changed, new strategies, new players, new techniques; but it was us who never did. All through out, there was Fabilioh, Halikinu, Blue Eagle Spelling, Rhumba yell, and all the others. None of them ever changing. We symbolized Ateneo history, we embodied tradition. Every time we stepped into the aisles, we reminded each and every Atenean, what we are all about. The ateneo heart, over 150 years - excellence in everything we do.


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