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For the past year, cantina has definitely been one of the favorite chill places of our block. Believe me when i say, that A LOT has happened in that fateful place. Hahahaha, damn those memories! So about it, just some friday, three weeks back, tim and i found ourselves bummed out, just reaching our 3pm study-time marker(one of the rules tim and i made, and now live by. NO STUDYING 3 HOURS PRIOR TO A TEST) before our accounting longtest; The first longtest for management majors is a known hell-event in the Ateneo, so yes, everyone else is starting to panic and do all crazy stuff just to calm themselves down. Well tim and i, had a better plan. Yes, you guessed it right, CANTINA. We had the same mindset that chugging down 3-4 bottles of beer would be the perfect way to ease out the stress and nervousness for the upcoming test. Aside from not studying, panicking and freaking out would be the next worst scenarios that could happen during a test, and yes, i am speaking from experience. What experience you ask? would you believe me if i told you that this mindset worked for me during the ACET? hahahah. Yes, i was intoxicated taking it, and i passed. I guess its really the confidence which gets the inner genius of everyone. So back to story, Tim and I pulled out PatGai from their study group in matteo with Krizia, Pam and Benjo. Patgai was effed-up enough with reviewing accounting, to decide and drop what she was reading, and go with us. So in Cantina, we were already on our second bottle when we ran out of ice, and it was when my intoxicated laziness reminded me of some "inuman" techniques to communicate without even literally talking to another person. I just put up my hand, and when the waiter saw me, i did a letter U hand sign, followed with a peace sign pointed to both of my eyes, and yes, it was the "BUCKET OF ICE PLEASE" gesture. Tim and Patgai looked at me as if it was impossible for the waiter to comprehend. To their surprise, the dude was back with a bucket filled with ice, and all left with my pals were two amazed and intoxicated accounting-hopefuls. With that, the next words that came of Tim's mouth was, "COMM PARE." Just exactly about the timeframe when we started to discuss nonverbal communication, and from there, made me realize, that communications discussed in class, did exist, and were actually applicable to everyday life.

And for the record, still no accounting longtest scores, for sure, its gonna be in my next blog entry.



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