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Its the school we choose.
Salva gets the offensive, passes to Buenafe, goes in, throws to the outside. Monfort, from downtown, hits the three! Boom! Papz Javier signals from the bleachers, the band starts, and the battalion leads Araneta wild. Takakakakakakakaka dagdagdagdagdagdagdagdagdag. GO ATENEO!!

The odds proved basketball statistics right, with the first ball game in favor of the latter; amidst everyones disappointment, the Eagles gave their all to make everyone proud. Underdogs called by some, yet Ateneo showed that they are at par even with the discouragements to fight.

As a Battalion member, leading the crowd through two hours of ballistic cheering, and ending in defeat is hard to swallow. Relaying the cheers throuh the whole dome, withought your teammates would be imposible. Passing the next cheeer with hand signals is the only thing we could rely on to get your message across.

To whoever created hand signals, genious. It just made Babble's life less of a slump most specially on hard days just like this one. ONE BIG FIGHT!

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