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Even great things come to an end.
 The male gaze, for example; Has been around ever since the realization of the power of the females on men has been idealized, which probably dates back to the start of the entertainment industry. One of the many media concepts that have been unfold before our eyes, but failed to understand its sole substance. Some may say, that its unnecessary to take up and discover where it all starts, but our COM11 course gave us all the reasons to stay, and understand deeper why these things come to be.

Being COMTECH majors, I believe that the Communication Theories course is essential for whatever we choose to take up in the future, be it IT, Management, or Comm. The media together with the business industry, is close to an unstoppable combination. Where here even in the Philippines, the super corporation Meralco is owned by the same person who owns ABS CBN and other big time businesses. Only God knows how much the corporation earns, and thankfully they evening it out with their own charities.

As I said in my previous blogs, my dream job, is basically have my own desk, with an iMac, a Macbook, and a dual QuadCore, and a lazyboy to go with it. From there, the greatest graphic creations the media industry would ever see, will be born. Well, of course that’s on days that im not out busy directing music videos, commercials and mini movies of my own. Hopefully the media industry would be kind enough to let me be a producer myself. Well then, if all else fails, id have my business degree, waiting to back me up, so that I could work for a firm, earn money, then continue my dream of producing anything under the media sun. I may not be a basketball star, or the next suma cum laude watchamacallit, but what I have to offer in the entertainment business, is way bigger than what we see on our tv screens now.

While watching tv ads, and other video edits on screen, I could possibly tell you the effects they use, the software used to render, and possibly even the clips size and framerate. Yes, I am the next marketing wiz, and corporations would be on their knees just to get me to work for them. Well, after all its not all that bad to have dreams right? Everyone does, its just that mines gonna come true, a little bit sooner 

PS. All the blogs that I created might not be that worthy of B pluses and A’s, but all I know that everything that ive been writing on this site, is definitely from the heart.

PPS. Thanks for the great sem sir Flores

Eeverybody loves them.
 The Simpsons

One of my all time favorite shows is the Simpsons. Hands down to the comic relief it provides to viewers of all ages. I remember watching the simpsons with my ninang, when i was like 7 years old, and yes, even then i enjoyed it. But ever since it, it always comes to me how people of all ages enjoy the show. Well, definitely its comic lines, and double meaning jokes, would definitely hook even older viewers.


In other words it is a confrontation and/or opposition to existing status quo and its legitimacy in politics, but can also be observed in various other spheres of life, such as history, media, music, etc.

, the supposedly man of the house, is a jobless bum, who instead of being the backbone of the family, rather gives even more weight, to break it. The natural conception of a man of the house, is a strong, dependable, and powerful character, both literal and symbolical. His image in the show, portraying man as a stupid and inept individual.

, the "man" of the house, having control over the family, supposedly to be the one, under the mans control in real life, takes charge of the family. Making decisions, and even the one putting sense into her husband. The norm of a housewife, following whatever her spouse says, is completely abolished with her character.

Lisa, the supposedly carefree child, knowing nothing about the world, is a matter of fact, the one almost completely sane in the show.

Bart, everything that is deviant. the resistance to authority, both in and out of the family. Justice, education, and parental authority. The supposedly disciplined responsible older brother of his family, represents everything that could go wrong with youth.

Who woul'dve known that the show everyone loved since forever, manifested counter hegemony all the while.
Definitely media has its ways of turning things inside out, without its viewers even knowing it.

In a world of twisted norms, where deviance doesnt necessarily mean the negative. It is up to every individual to go out and superceed what is natural, and maybe be lucky enough to discover someting that could change people perspective of the world. And hopefully through the help of media, we could maximize its potential for a better well rounded society for our children to grow up in.

Media on the good side.

Media's ticket to heaven

Come to think of it, media still may have a possible spot in heaven. Despite all the violence and sex it sells everywhere. Namely print ads, the internet, and on TV. Specifically, on tv, out of almost a hundred channels available via cable, there are still around 10 channels that provide healthy and bountiful results. Im sure that the first thing you thought of was either Discovery Channel or National geographic. Despite the side-ads they show on airtime, the portion that viewers benefit from are still around 90% of viewing time. Compared to mtv which sadly, is a hundred percent, sex. Even Miley Cyrus, from "The Best of Both Worlds" is now, saved on everyones computer, in her "Party In The USA" music video, with her boobs almost popping out from her skin tight outfit. I guess its a trendy with Disney child stars. *AHEM* Vanessa Hudgens. Anyway, back to topic, its just sad to see, that channels like Discovery and NG aren't that noticed, specially by kids. 


I have a 6 year old cousin, Reese, who has ADHD
(Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neuro-behavioral developmental disorder. It is primarily characterized by "the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone" and symptoms starting before seven years of age) -wiki.orgAbout a year ago, i went with his dad to therapy, and watched how they gave him activities, to work out his ADHD. While at it, the therapist made him watch, a cartoon, which wasnt like the normal cartoons you see on Disney, it was more of a slow paced animation which had around 10-second frame changes. According to the doctor, the reason for it was that, even the seemingly harmless and fun cartoons on tv, has the slightest on impacts on children, specially ones with ADHD. The quick frame changes, and the very lively colors swapping frames from time to time, contributes to the nuerological excitement of kids.

So yeah, i just wish that worldwide media, despite the corruption of the youths minds, would find ways to promote other channels, that would hopefully benefit the youth even in the slightest of ways, and hopefully,  would find its ticket back to heaven; Just like in the good old days.

Media Baaaad
The Entertainment industry

Quoting from a song,
what ever happened to SEX, DRUGS and ROCK and ROLL? now, we just have AIDS, CRACK and TECHNO
Its actually true, the once innocent world is now filled with all the disappointment God could ever come across. In my opinion, theres only one source for this damnation, destruction, and death. Yes, media. Bad media is everywhere, its in everyrthing we do. Ever tried googling or youtube-searching "banned commercials?" Damn, yes they are entertaining, coming from the very few media geniuses all around the globe. But these are the few that aren't shown to public tv. But what about all the drugs and sex we come across in everyday tv/internet viewing.

Parental Guidance is ADVISED
A motion picture rating system is designated to classify films with regard to suitability for audiences in terms of issues such as sex, violence, substance abuse, profanity, impudence or other types of mature content. A particular issued rating is called a certification.

SERIOUSLY? that "motion picture rating system" is bull. So you expect that 2 second appearance before the show would make a difference with a 10 year old watching teenagers making out and groping each other on live television, yes just like in gossipgirl. ahahah. And now your asking where all the teenage pregnancies come from? And you blame parents for it? Damn, even OPRAH's producers are blind sided by it. Why? Obviously, cause theyre in the same industry.

If only media were a bit more responsible about what they air, maybe, JUST MAYBE the world would be a much better place, morality wise. Though media's made our lives easier, and one hell of a lifetime to live in, it has its own ups and downs, maybe its just because i havent had enough sleep for a couple of days now, and for the days to come (its 2am and its UAAP CHEERCOMP in a few hours:| ) might just be a perfect ending to me sleepless week. Cant wait to get out of college, and start making those kick-ass ads, directing music videos and graphic movies, damn. MEDIA beware, the man who's about to revolutionize this industry is just around the corner from graduation, so yes, really do watch out.

(no subject)
The only corporations that could possibly compete with business and banking firms all through out the world, are entertainment corporations. Yes, its a fact. What could possibly make more money than those selling, no one else, the one making people buy. It goes hand in hand with the worldwide moneymaking business. And yes, this is definitely the reason why i am a COMTECH major. Ive been wanting to work in the media industry, ever since i've laid hands on photoshop, and other graphic design software. Conceptualizing is half of my life, and putting it to design, is the other.

Yes, media is rich. No we dont make them, they force us to. In the film that we watched, it was shown how media feeded off the unlimited wants of teenagers, and in return, gave them a higher dose of what the teens were actually capable off. Or put it this way, MEDIA FINDS OUT WHAT WE WANT, THEN EXPOSES IT IN MARKET in ways we would only experience in our wildest dreams. Partying becomes a fad, then media copies it, then amplifies it a thousand times better, than brings it back to us, wanting to be more, wanting to be how the media depicts it, and with that, we buy into the things they show us, the way to experience it. Media is a money hungry industry which lives on the pockets of teenagers, with the only thing being given back is the status of being COOL.

What if the teens cant be like how media shows it. Its easy, teens come up with another cool thing, and when media finds out, boom. Same thing all over again. COOL is one of the deadliest four letter words, next to DEATH, lol ahahaha. Media communicates the standards that every teen should meet in order to be cool, and COOLER than your friends. They have the power over everyone, just one kick ass ad, then sales are again off the charts. In this growing technological empire, the media will never run out of customers, and those willing to die for, just to be on top. Their power to communicate to the world, in extends no other can par up with, just feeds their domination to a world wide hysteria every teenager would love to be part of; COOL.


This years Battalion jacket was designed by no other, yes me. Hahah, as you know, graphic design is kinda my thing, and thankfully i was granted the opportunity to make this year's Von Dutch - Ateneo Battalion jacket. Mmm sounds like resume content to me! hahah. So anyway, i tried to go for a much simpler design, with not too fancy lines and such, just the simple stripe on the arms and in the middle, but even though it was already as simple as it is, i had to do various drafts of it, before it was finally approved. The College Athletics Office(CAO) had too many guidelines for me to follow with making the jacket, specifically its color, the ateneo logo, and the placing of the Ateneo name. I wondered why i just couldnt put the Battalion logo and a big ateneo and other fancy logos to make it look like those bad ass bike-jackets, but apparently i had to follow the schools colors and logos. This is where this weeks lesson kicks in, symbolism in organization. I had to carefully follow the School colors, strictly BLUE AND WHITE. How boring is that? hahaha, but thats what i had to do, those colors goo way back in the history books, i wouldnt want to argue and bring up another color anymore. So yes, i did stick to blue and white, and the old school ateneo logo(nope not the SESQUI one anymore)

Putting on the jacket, before every game made us feel special. We felt like going into war, putting on our armor, an armor distinguishable from all the other soldiers' ; an armor of a LEADER. Standing out through the crowd, the 16 of us lead the Ateneo into battle, uplifting the 5 players spirit on court, through cheers of millions in the stands. There were times, where leading the crowd made us tired and weary of the continuous routine, downgrading our performance, and just doing what we do, for the sake of it. But it was last years captain Matt Quiros, who reminded us what we were doing. In the last Ateneo-Lasalle game, he made us realize what the jackets we wore were all about. It was neever about us being special, and leading thousands, it was about TRADITION. Putting on the jacket made us part of a bigger picture, going way back. Team Ateneo always changed, new strategies, new players, new techniques; but it was us who never did. All through out, there was Fabilioh, Halikinu, Blue Eagle Spelling, Rhumba yell, and all the others. None of them ever changing. We symbolized Ateneo history, we embodied tradition. Every time we stepped into the aisles, we reminded each and every Atenean, what we are all about. The ateneo heart, over 150 years - excellence in everything we do.

One of the night outs that i hate most, is going with your date, to her party. A big ass one, with everyone invited. Sounds like the perfect party right? But theres one catch. You dont know any of em.

Around the end of my high school life, i was started to be allowed to go to parties which ended up late at night. So yeah, i made the most out of it all the time. If my curfew was at 2, id be home at EXACTLY 2. So anyway about the parties. Its like Jal, meet someone, someone meet jal. Jal: Hi Someone: Hi! then boom *awkward*. Same thing every single time, and try doing it the whole night in a clubhouse filled of people you dont know. I guess its the price to pay, if you really like your date;) oh yes. Hahahaha.

But yes ofcourse, its a given, that all you have to do is continue to conversation, and from there its gonna progress, and the uneasiness would disappear in no time.

Sounds easy? well yeah in class, the power point makes it seem like a grocery list, which has the basic information, and all left to do is pick out the items when your in the grocery itself. But for me its waaay different when its the real thing already. Just the mere 'picking out a topic to talk' to moment, like 5 seconds after the first HI, is the hardest step of all. Its when what you say, dictates the persons impression of you. Yes, the uneasiness may go away, but your reputation, or how the person looks at you is a different thing.

Yes you may have broken the communication barriers, but whats stopping the person you talked to, from telling other peopole how lame and boring you start conversations, and yes there might not even be a next time.

Yes im in college now, and admittedly, its one of my skills i have to improve on, ofcourse im not the type who crash and burns in those awkward situations, but its still different from being a master at it:>

For the past year, cantina has definitely been one of the favorite chill places of our block. Believe me when i say, that A LOT has happened in that fateful place. Hahahaha, damn those memories! So about it, just some friday, three weeks back, tim and i found ourselves bummed out, just reaching our 3pm study-time marker(one of the rules tim and i made, and now live by. NO STUDYING 3 HOURS PRIOR TO A TEST) before our accounting longtest; The first longtest for management majors is a known hell-event in the Ateneo, so yes, everyone else is starting to panic and do all crazy stuff just to calm themselves down. Well tim and i, had a better plan. Yes, you guessed it right, CANTINA. We had the same mindset that chugging down 3-4 bottles of beer would be the perfect way to ease out the stress and nervousness for the upcoming test. Aside from not studying, panicking and freaking out would be the next worst scenarios that could happen during a test, and yes, i am speaking from experience. What experience you ask? would you believe me if i told you that this mindset worked for me during the ACET? hahahah. Yes, i was intoxicated taking it, and i passed. I guess its really the confidence which gets the inner genius of everyone. So back to story, Tim and I pulled out PatGai from their study group in matteo with Krizia, Pam and Benjo. Patgai was effed-up enough with reviewing accounting, to decide and drop what she was reading, and go with us. So in Cantina, we were already on our second bottle when we ran out of ice, and it was when my intoxicated laziness reminded me of some "inuman" techniques to communicate without even literally talking to another person. I just put up my hand, and when the waiter saw me, i did a letter U hand sign, followed with a peace sign pointed to both of my eyes, and yes, it was the "BUCKET OF ICE PLEASE" gesture. Tim and Patgai looked at me as if it was impossible for the waiter to comprehend. To their surprise, the dude was back with a bucket filled with ice, and all left with my pals were two amazed and intoxicated accounting-hopefuls. With that, the next words that came of Tim's mouth was, "COMM PARE." Just exactly about the timeframe when we started to discuss nonverbal communication, and from there, made me realize, that communications discussed in class, did exist, and were actually applicable to everyday life.

And for the record, still no accounting longtest scores, for sure, its gonna be in my next blog entry.


Its the school we choose.
Salva gets the offensive, passes to Buenafe, goes in, throws to the outside. Monfort, from downtown, hits the three! Boom! Papz Javier signals from the bleachers, the band starts, and the battalion leads Araneta wild. Takakakakakakakaka dagdagdagdagdagdagdagdagdag. GO ATENEO!!

The odds proved basketball statistics right, with the first ball game in favor of the latter; amidst everyones disappointment, the Eagles gave their all to make everyone proud. Underdogs called by some, yet Ateneo showed that they are at par even with the discouragements to fight.

As a Battalion member, leading the crowd through two hours of ballistic cheering, and ending in defeat is hard to swallow. Relaying the cheers throuh the whole dome, withought your teammates would be imposible. Passing the next cheeer with hand signals is the only thing we could rely on to get your message across.

To whoever created hand signals, genious. It just made Babble's life less of a slump most specially on hard days just like this one. ONE BIG FIGHT!

Hello 2007!
Holy Crap.

Actually i didn't go to the first day of my COMM class, and had no idea whatsoever i had to accomplish for the next meeting, so yeah, this blog entry is courtesy of my loving blockmates who told me about this blogging thing. 

First of all, THANK GOD for COM11. If it wasn't for this subject, i would never have remembered this long lost blog-site i used to have. FFS(sorry for the language -.- ) ITS ALMOST 3 YEARS OLD! Thank God i still got to remember my password(not that i have the same passwords for all my web accounts -thats soo immature- IM JUST SAYING) even if it has been forever @_@

Looking back, and reading my previous posts from Second[?] year high school, made me realize that no matter how mature and independent i felt back then, makes me just think of how much of a fool i was back then( i guess its normal for everyone right?:| ) All i ranted about back then was about fuckin(sorry again) GIRLS. JESUS CHRIRST, i didnt expect all those donuts that my mom fed be back when i was a child would matter that much with regards to my insecurities with myself back then@_@ GIRLS? WTF, BLOGGING ABOUT GIRLS?! WHAT THE *tooot* (hahaha) was wrong with my brain back then. AND NOW IN COLLEGE, THEY'RE NOT EVEN AT THE SLIGHTESTBITOFMYPROBLEMSJESUSCHRIST:| 

-Well actually i'd like to thank all of those girls who turned me down back then in high school because of my physical appearance. Haven't you ever heard of "FAT BOYS ARE CUTE"? Lol, JK. fine maybe some are. hahahahah. WELL THANKS TO YOU, I AM INLOVE WITH MYSELF. NOW THAT IM IN COLLEGE, IM AT THE BEST PHYSIQUE I CAN EVER BE *evil laugh* (well of course im not stopping my workouts anytime soon -theHULKwatchoutHEEHEE- im just saying.)             *please allow me to be bitter just for a paragraph*  ALL OF YOU GIRLS CAN KISS MY ARSE, I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY BEING STUCK WITH YOUR UGLAY BOYFRIENDSSSSSSSS *evil laugh again* 

Anyway, my entry isn't about those girls anymore lol. Well as i was saying, reading back made me realize how immature i was back then. Feeling down and shitty(oops) for all the wrong reasons, and now, all the problems i'm going through were actually stuff that i never imagined would've come. From girl problems, i am actually on the verge of leaving THE ATENEO for good, and not even the closest of my friends know about it. Maybe the time would just come and they'll realize that im gone T_T boohoo. Anyway, up to now, my moms still doing all that is earthly possible to be able to pay for my tuition this semester. WHOEVER KNEW THAT THIS GLOBALFUCKINRECESSION would affect us this much. Back then, if you read my blog thoroughly, you'd see the JAL that didnt give shit about family expenses whatsoever, just the COGNO rich kid who worried about girls. And now, that JAL, despite the happy facade you see everyday, is suffering from insomnia. Staring at the ceiling every night, trying to figure out what job i could possibly get into just to be able to finish my studies and be able to help my mom. FUCKGLOBALRECESSION(sorry:|) 

So yeah, despite the financial hellhole im in, im still thankful that i still could get up everyday and put that pokerface on,  go through life, and let people see through me. i JUST PRAY TO GOD this so called "challenge" in my life wouldnt go any longer. I need my sleep.

"permanent jet lag, please take me back " -falloutboy


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